Single? The key to meeting new people is only an unlock away!
Lock and Key itself ATT79615If you are single and looking for ways to meet your match, you’ve got to try a Lock And Key Party! It’s the hottest interactive and FUN way for singles to socialize, make new friends...or just to have a great time!  The party hosts have taken a regular happy hour and mixed in the ULTIMATE icebreaker theme.  It's like no other singles party you have ever attended!!!  Every woman gets a lock and every guy gets a key.  The mixing and mingling sets off after a few basic instructions on how the party works from the party host. Each partygoer now has the perfect "opening" line to break the ice..."Can I see if we match?"  The laughter, joy and occasional scream when someone has found a match is now a regular part of the evening as shyness has long since faded away.  The party is high energy and fast paced, but what a great way to unwind after a long work week...or a way to kick off a night on the town! is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and run these unique singles mixers all across the United States in over 35 cities. The company’s slogan and trademark phrase says it all…"Unlock Your Possibilities".
Attendance is usually between 100 and 200 single professionals, so the possibilities of finding someone special are endless. The company closely monitors the event rosters in an effort to make sure that there is a close to even balance of men and women at each party. Once guests find a match (unlock), they turn in their hardware and get a new lock or key and start the process all over. The more matches a guest makes, the more chances they have to win some great prizes at the end of the night when a raffle of sponsored gifts is conducted.
Sponsored prizes have included a singles cruise for 2, resort hotel stays, $100 cash, bar tabs, gourmet gift baskets, spa gift certificates, sporting game tickets, free admissions to other local singles events, and much much more.
Lock and Key a Match ATT79621Darren Waldholz, owner of the company, claimed originator of the Lock and Key concept, and the South Florida Event Coordinator, states 'the number of matches a person can have in a night depends on the pace they set for themselves. 'People can get 10, 20, 50 or 100 matches, but what I've seen at my events is that the average is seven to 10, and I think that comes from the fact they are meeting people they actually enjoy talking to. Waldholz has heard comments like 'I've met three really great guys; I've got three phone numbers, that's successful.''
Waldholz created back in 2002 and began setting up the icebreakers in major U.S. cities. The first one was held in Miami, FL and was a huge success. The number of event cities has quickly grown to over 35 with more ready to launch later this year.
Waldholz also runs speed dating events for and has run both events for the past 7-8 years. While he thinks speed dating is a pretty good introduction method, he said it doesn't work for everyone and thought there had to be another way to meet a lot more people in one night that was a little heavier on fun and lighter on pressure. He remembered the not-so-subtle nut and bolt events he had attended when he was a student at the University of Florida (where the men were given nuts and the women bolts, and the aim was to find the ones that fit together and, hopefully, a date). Waldholz wondered why not do something similar, yet a little less crass, with locks and keys?
'There aren't that many options for meeting people face-to-face,' says Waldholz. 'Speed dating is a good event, but it's limited in the number of people you interact with. I wanted to start something where we had a lot of people and  everyone interacts with everyone else.'
It's that level of uncoerced participation that excited Waldholz and prompted him to launch the company. 'Most social events I've been to in the past, I’ve sat around and met one or two people out of a hundred because there's no reason to walk up and talk to them. If you're a shy person, forget it, you're dead in the water.'
Think of it as your typical after-work happy hour or get together. It's fun, there's no pressure and you can talk to whomever you like for as long as you like. Each Lock and Key Event Coordinator has been carefully chosen and possess the strong event management, marketing and promotional skills needed to ensure large scale, quality events in great venues in many major cities.
The added enticement of having a chance to win a great prize helps too. 'There’re no wall flowers at our parties. No one is going to be standing around or sitting by themselves because everyone wants to win the prizes we offer,' says Waldholz. 'And the girls get so excited when they get unlocked, that you'd think they just won a new car,' he says and laughs. 'It's a very exciting event.'
Many women view the events as a fun sidebar to a night out, and the locks and keys as a great excuse to talk to anyone, including the gorgeous guy they would never have approached in another social setting.
The consensus, especially for men, is that Lock and Key Events work because the girls have a reason to approach the guys instead waiting to be approached as is the usual game play in the typical bar scene.
Waldholz says sometimes the girls, who wear the padlocks on a string around their necks, just come up and stick out their locks. No surprise that the sexual innuendo gets everyone a little silly, which combined with a drink or two and you can only imagine what a fun and wild event it can be. 'If you could only imagine some of the come-ons,' laughs Waldholz. 'But don’t get our party concept confused with the more mature and similarly named Key Party. We are not that type of party!'
 Lock and Key people ATT79617
'All the unlocking fun concludes with a series of prize drawings and the awarding of our 'Locksmith Award', which we give to the guy or girl who have opened the most locks or were unlocked the most.'
 Lock and Key finding matches ATT79619The prize drawing process is a great opportunity for local and national businesses to get there products or services some additional exposure to a crowd of singles for little or no cost by serving as event Prize Sponsors. 
Lock And Key Successes
The company has also had its share of success stories to date. In fact, one happy South Florida couple wore the actual Locks and Keys worn when they met at an event at their wedding and gave the company pictures to display on the website.
Another partygoer who met her husband at a Philadelphia, PA Lock and Key event is now the Pittsburgh event host. The couple also lays claim to the 1st 'Lock and Key Baby' the company is aware of. And we hear that a second one is on the way soon!
Some interesting statistics about Lock and Key Events:
·         537 events have been held since its 2002 launch
·         Approximately 52,000 people have attended these events
·         Approximately 83,000 active members (email addresses)
Lock and Key Events is very excited about its new partnership with SHI Symbol International. SHI has selected Lock And Key Events to assist in introducing their jewelry line, dog tags and other products for singles in the U.S. market. Lock And Key partygoers will have the opportunity to win the fashionable SHI Symbol jewelry, dog tags and body products during the event’s prize drawing. 
The arrangement between the two companies will also allow Lock And Key Party Hosts the opportunity to take the lead in coordinating sponsorship and entertainment for large-scale promotional rollout parties for SHI.
'We believe the SHI symbol is the perfect identifier for single individuals' says Waldholz.   Married people soon won’t be the only ones with the ability to display their relationship status. According to census facts on the website, 'over 40% of the U.S. population is single'. That provides SHI with an enormous pool of people who would be open to proudly displaying their Single, Happy and Interested status with a SHI symbol.
'We’re looking forward to a long collaboration between Lock And Key Events and SHI Symbol International' says Waldholz. 'We are ready to unlock our possibilities!'
Visit for more info and/or to register for an upcoming event in your area. Enter promo code "SHI" for a $5 off discount.
And all Lock and Key members receive a range of special offers from SHI Symbol. Simply use your special Lock and Key Affiliate ID code for more details.
PLUS Watch the SHI Symbol site for terrific joint SHI Symbol/Lock and Key events being rolled out near you. We'd love to see you there...
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