Eye Make up using natural mineral eye shadows

Mineral makeup is the much better alternative to the overly processed and added to make up that is the 'norm' still.  Mineral makeup can be used not just to cover your skin, it can be good for your skin, as well!

That's why SHI Symbol has worked to find you the most luscious looking and completely natural Mineral eyeshadows to die for. This exclusive SHI Symbol range will help you make the most of your most wonderful asset - your eyes!

5 amazing colors, including a base and 2 special application brushes completes the SHI Symbol Mineral Eye Shadow Set - we call it the "Heart Breaker Heaven" collection.

Consisting of the following colors:

  • Bronze turquoise
  • Champagne
  • Fairy Dust
  • Heart Breaker (can use as Eyeshadow AND as Blush)
  • Night Wisp - particularly good as a 'highlighter'

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Eye Make up using natural mineral eye shadows

Heartbreaker Heaven all natural mineral eyeshadow set exclusive to SHI Symbol

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