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Singer Songwriters Chris Leyva & Taylor Brown's World Tour

An 8 country tour planned by SHI Symbol's very own Brand Ambassadors and very talented Singer Songwriters Chris Leyva and Taylor Brown kicks off today with the arrival in the UK of the awesome duo. For all the latest in news and clips from this exciting tour, visit

Exciting Blog/Emag

The constantly evolving world of fashion, finance, beauty and more is the focus for the newly released SHI Symbol blog website. Stylish yet easy to browse, colorful, yet easy on the eye. You won't be disappointed.

That's So Gay Live-I'm a Human First - California

For ALL fashionable and stylish Singles - meet your match 24/7, anywhere and anytime with your SHI Symbol.

View Video of Jan Pagonis, SHI Symbol Founder and find out  'What's Hot' from Australia. Interviewed by Reporter Nicole Peters.

Helping Adria reach her fundraising goals the easy way

Meet inspirational woman, Adria Bannocks who is raising awareness and funds for her favorite charity - Endometriosis UK. SHI Symbol's proud to help with the super special package on offer by SHI Symbol and a global travel club, with part proceeds to Adria's charity of choice.

Simply Stunning, all Natural - SHI Symbol's Mineral Makeup

Simply stunning, all Natural, SHI Symbol's Mineral Makeup Heart Breaker Heaven collection

Facebook Group - Single, Happy & Interested...

For all fashionable and stylish Singles- meet each other in one place.

Relationship Assessment Questionnaire

SHI Symbol's Relationship Psychologist and Therapist 'Relationship Assessment' questionnaire - fill in, send to us.>

Chris Leyva and SHI join forces

Chris is super busy but has time to fit in videos, live performances, recordings and many a red carpet event. With your SHI Symbol, there are Leyva freebies available - now that's something to write home about.

Register Your SHI Dog Tag Here

Just released in the US - your chance to register for the extra specials

SHI Symbol All Natural Body Scrubz

Scrubz - perfect way to cleanse, moisturize and even use as prep for shaving...

The ONLY successful Dating Tool that works with you 24/7