Scrubz - SHI Symbol Sultry Lavender Body Scrub, all natural product, exfoliate, moisturize, body wash, shaving prep       All natural SHI Symbol Body Scrub by ScrubzBodyScrub

The first exclusive scents for SHI Symbol have been created by Roberta Perry, founder of ScrubzBodyScrub, Inc. Designed as a 4-in-1 pro

duct, it exfoliates, moisturizes, can be used as a face or body wash and as a prep for shaving. What more could you want?

Super versatile, very effective, all natural and best of all very gentle on your skin. You will feel silky and smooth after  using this skin care range.

Pamper yourself today and save 10% off the normal price of these ScrubzBody Scrubs by purchasing the set and saving $10.00 straight away.

Currently available in 4 amazing fragrances, each designed to titillate your senses:

Sultry Lavender- a blend of Lavender, Patchouli and Musk

A fresh Cool Classic mix of Sweet Milk and Honey

Women just fall in love with the Sweet Harvest blend of Pear, Fruit and Verbena

The delightfully delicious scent of White Tea, Ginger, Almond and Juniper comes together as the Ginger Berry fragrant scrub

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SHI Scrubz All Natural Body Scrubs

SHI Symbol's completely natural Body Scrubz range - 4 delightful fragrances...

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